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Winter Tyres

Do you need them?

As the temperatures are dropping, you may ask yourself whether winter tyres are necessary. With our seasons ever changing, from bitterly cold winters to a couple of warmer ones of late. it is an ongoing debate.

Winter tyres more accurately named “cold weather tyres ” feature the snowflake

symbol on the rim and are made from a softer compound. That means they’re still soft enough to provide the grip you need in temperatures below 7oC.  They also have a different tread pattern, with fine grooves or “sipes” cut into each tread block that bite into the ice or snow better.

Winter tyres are not just good for snow and ice, current research shows that winter tyres are better than summer tyres any time the temperature drops below 7oC. That means a car fitted with winter tyres should stop more quickly and be less likely to skid in any weather conditions if of course, the temperature drops below this mark.

With only a week into December and averaging temperatures tinkering on 6.9 degrees and set to drop even further, It’s food for thought.


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