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Fleet Management Services
One of the largest expenses your business will have is your company’s fleet. Sourcing, maintaining, managing and disposing of your fleet is time consuming and costly. And one that needs to be right.

Vehicle Procurement
Libra7 Fleet Services negotiate supply terms with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to present the very best purchase price. Price isn’t always the driving factor; customer service is paramount too. Libra7 have handpicked dependable business partners who share our customer service ethos.

Fleet Maintenance Services
Maintenance is inevitable and usually we’re all too busy, Libra7 will take on that burden with an Email, telephone call or text message. We’ll action any request immediately. Libra7 offer a bespoke tailored service to all of our clients. We have national maintenance accounts in place that offer competitive rates and all important priority bookings. Whether a vehicle requires a routine service, MOT, tyres, glass or a break down – we have a service to help.


  • Bespoke service taking away the burden from you
  • Outsourced fleet management solutions
  • Services are tailored to your requirements
  • Can be any combination of our services
  • A complete 100% outsource function
  • Taking care of everything keeping your business wheels in motion.
  • We provide a transparent and reliable service


Benefits of working with Libra 7

Highly Customisable

We will not over promise. We are open policy and share with our clients where we see savings that could be made, or if the current offering is perfect maybe we can assist in the future.

Award Winning

We pride ourselves on our personal service and our ability to make a difference. We communicate openly and are always available ensuring our clients have the right support.

Music To Your Ears

Libra7 offer a complete suite of fleet management products and services that ensure our client’s fleet is run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Easy To Work With

Our aim is not to over promise offering huge savings, we are open policy and share with our clients where we can see savings that can be made, if their current offering is perfect hope to assist in the future, maybe we offer another service that will be of assistance.

Duty of Care

Libra7 embrace the importance of Corporate and Social Responsibility upon all motorists, we provide services to our business clients to ensure all vehicles are roadworthy and well maintained.

Flexible Framework

Whether you require vehicle sourcing, fleet maintenance, accident management, vehicle hire, driver licences check, older vehicles refurbished or disposed of, we can build a solution to fit your needs that can be any combination of our services, or alternatively leave it all to us as a complete 100% outsource function.

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