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Honda Jazz Sets New World Record in Fuel Ecomany

A new World Record has been confirmed for the best fuel economy in a petrol-powered car by the Honda Jazz.

The driver of the Honda Jazz was Paul Clifton the  BBC South Transport Correspondent, and researcher, Fergal McGrath, the car was supplied by Fish Brothers Honda in Swindon.

The 844 mile journey from Lands End to John O’Groats used one single tank of petrol the first ever of its time.

The AA also joined the team in their triumph and used the vans telematics to track the journey; including the route, distance, time taken and average speed. This data was then submitted as key evidence in verifying the world record.

 Clifton said that “The objective was to demonstrate that while diesel is being demonised by the government, leading to a fall in sales of new diesel cars, it is possible to show that a mid-size petrol engine, with its lower emissions, can be a match for more efficient diesel.

“The challenge was no easy task and it’s a huge accomplishment to achieve the new world record, with thanks to Fish Brothers Honda for supplying the car and John and Tony from the AA for their endless enthusiasm which helped push us to the finish.”

The journey took 26 hours in total and was completed on the 4th June. The news was only confirmed this week as to make sure all was officiated correctly.

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