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Diesel remains top choice in used car sales.

Not ditching the diesel just yet!
According to the used buyer firm Cox Automotive , demand for diesels remains strong and is likely to continue in future years:
Phillip Nothard of Cox Automotive says
“Our data shows that the downward trend in the new car market for diesel has yet to fully filter through to the used car market, despite the media negativity and Government push for consumers to buy alternative fuels. For used cars, we believe diesel will remain a top player in the market for a considerable number of years to come.”.
Nothard’s comments comes as Cox Automotive reports a rise in used car prices in December despite the month’s adverse weather conditions.
Figures obtained from Manheim’s online and physical auction lanes reveal that average sale prices surged 2.1% in December (a 4.4% uplift on 2016) to £6,639. Average mileage across vehicles sold saw a minor 0.8% decrease in November to 58,331.
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